WWF. Footprint Garden

Planning / Realisation2010 - 2011
ClientLandesmuseum Zürich
Cooperation withAndrin Schweizer
 Büro 4
PhotographerMarkus Bertschi

For the first time in the history of the museum, the inner courtyard of the National Museum is an integral part of an exhibition. In a tangible, experiential way, the ‘Footprint’ garden raises the issue of how people use water, ground, raw materials and energy. The world of the Swiss allotment serves as a scenographic backdrop. Allotments demonstrate in a specifically Helvetian way the global use of resources on the smallest space. In ten zones, visitors explore interactively and playfully their personal consumption of resources in various everyday areas such as the home or mobility. At the centre of the garden is the ‘Footprint’ calculator, with which visitors can calculate their own ecological footprint.


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