WWF. A Biography

Planning / Realisation2010 - 2011
Client Landesmuseum Zürich
Cooperation withAndrin Schweizer
 Büro 4
PhotographerMarkus Bertschi

The  architectural concept of the exhibition is devoted to the habitats available to us on earth, those that we inhabit and that need to be cared for and protected. Showcased rooms represent the human living space. They constitute the primary focus of the exhibition, recounting milestones in the 50 years old history of the WWF – the realisation that nature is being destroyed; the founding and the spheres of activity of the WWF; and the utopia of a peaceful coexistence in shared habitats. In direct contrast with these constructed, geometric rooms is the untamed, organically grown biosphere of the animal world. Thus the design of the exhibition epitomises the tension between nature and culture, between natural habitats and those created by humans.


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