SwissLove Expo.02

Planning / Realisation2001 - 2002
Cooperation withAndrin Schweizer
 Garzoni SA
PhotographerAndrea Helbling

The Expo.02 SwissLove pavilion is located beneath the existing roofs of Yverdon Arteplage. To match the theme, the façade curls like a filmstrip around the volumes of the 12 theatres envisaged here and defines a foyer with a gallery as well as two transition zones. SwissLove is a film that simultaneously recounts four stories in three acts. After each act, viewers are given the choice as to which plot or which person they want to follow next. In the transition zone they then find the theatre corresponding to their decision. Finally the partition walls between the last four theatres open up, and, regardless of their decisions, all viewers experience the same happy ending together.


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