Manna Expo.02

Planning / Realisation1999 - 2002
ClientCoop Schweiz
Cooperation withAndrin Schweizer
 Sulzer + Buzzi
PhotographerThomas Jantscher

Manna was developed for the Neuchâtel Arteplage at Expo.02. Reflecting the theme "Eating and Drinking between Organic and Design", the exhibition pavilion is examines the issues of nutrition, our consumer behaviour and the dichotomy of today’s food production. Manna is the symbol of a supposed "land of milk and honey". Visible from a distance, what looks like an enormous vanilla pudding towers over the Expo venue. 21 fifteen-metre air-filled inflatables surround a closed courtyard: an perfect, enchanted world full of surprises. To access the interior, visitors slip between the inflatables, in a sense eating their way through the pudding into the land of plenty. The interplay between nature and artificiality astonishes the beholder before leading to complete irritation.


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