Documentary Filmmaking London

Planning / Realisation2008
ClientUniversity of the Arts
 Central Saint Martins
Cooperation withMark Aitken Director

In spring 2008 Ralph Meury attended the film course "Documentary Filmmaking" at Central Saint Martins College in London. The five-day course teaches the fundamentals and the application of the video editing program Final Cut Pro, using documentary films created by the students themselves. All participants are given the task of documenting a story from the quarter around the trendy street Brick Lane. The Jewish bakery Ralph selected for his film has been there for almost a hundred years and has survived all social and societal changes in Brick Lane. Open 24 hours, the bagel shop draws ever more streams of hungry tourists, the trendy fashion set, night revellers and scene celebrities. It becomes a melting pot and microcosm of the colourful variety of run-down neighbourhood that is beginning to flourish all over again.


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