Beginning Filmproduction NYU

Planning / Realisation2002
ClientNew York University
 Tisch School of the Arts
Cooperation withKelly Reichardt Director

In summer 2002, Ralph Meury attended the class "Beginning Film Production: Fundamentals of Sight and Sound" at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York City. The top professor there is director Kelly Reichardt. The six-week course teaches the theory and the use of analogue 16mm black-and-white cameras in detail. Each student writes the screenplays, and directs, films and edits his own five short movies. He also assists with the production of the films made by his crew members. The first three films are silent; the other two are underlaid with one or two audio tracks. Each afternoon the student films completed the day before are presented in the class and discussed. By the end of the course, the class had produced over 100 short films in 6 weeks.


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