Arthesia Zürich

Planning / Realisationseit 2007
ClientArthesia AG
Cooperation withAnnette Schömmel
 Thomas Sevcik

Arthesia is a creative think lab that develops atypical solutions to the complex challenges of companies and regions. Ralph Meury has had the opportunity to work freelance with the company since 2007. As a rule, his brief is to lead selected projects and lend them a spatial, constructed framework based entirely on their idea and story. In one case, a new product was presented nationwide in freestanding pop-up stores. For another client, strategies of the corporate vision were captured in such  way that they could be experienced and used through film, light and sound in a converted freight container. Ralph Meury is actively involved in the entire project chain: developing the idea, liaising between the client and all subcontractors involved, overseeing the realisation and monitoring costs and deadlines.


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