Meury Architektur GmbH
Ralph Meury
Dipl. Architekt ETH SIA
Giesshübelstrasse 62d
CH 8045 Zürich

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Ralph Meury

"After countless new buildings and conversions and even more conceptual thinking and producing, I know exactly where my strengths lie and where I sense the desire to apply these to best effect. I am not a designer or inventor whose ultimate pleasure is to sit in front of an empty white sheet of paper. I'm a doer and a maker who turns ideas into reality and the good into something better, even something extraordinary."

Ralph Meury, born in Reinach in 1967, completed his school education in the canton of Basel Land. In 1985 he studied physics and astronomy for a year at the University of Basel, before transferring to Zurich to study architecture at ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule). He served an internship with the architectural firm Steib + Steib in Basel, as well as spending three months in Hong Kong at the architectural firm Palmer + Turner under the creative supervision of Remo Riva. After gaining his diploma under Professor Franz Oswald, he opened his own architect's office with his partner Matthias Reifler in 1993, and as his maiden work realised the Bäch apartment building on Lake Zurich for his grandmother. In 1996 he parted company with Matthias Reifler and worked alone and freelance for other architects in the Zurich area. There followed collaborations with Andrin Schweizer, Andrea Wolfer, Nicola Losinger and Karin Frei Bernasconi. After the opening of the Swiss national exhibition Expo.02, where with Andrin Schweizer he was jointly responsible for the completion of two pavilions, he completed a three-month bachelor's diploma in New York and attended a film school at NYU. Back in Zurich, in late 2002 he founded the architects' office Losinger Meury Wolfer, spending the next five years in this team. In 2007, with the completion of the Kilchberg apartment building, the office was closed. Self-employed once again, he has since worked on his own projects and as a freelancer and consultant for other companies.